Reach Forklifts

In order to keep up with the ever-accelerating logistics and consumer demands, the need for adaptable and scalable forklifts is more than ever before. ElectricForklifts.com has a wide selection of the forklifts you need for your applications, including a variety of reach forklifts.

What Are Reach Forklifts

Reach forklifts, or reach trucks, are designed and manufactured to operate in narrow aisle applications, such as warehouses. Plus, they are able to place loads in high locations. Reach forklifts have two outer legs that distribute the weight of the load, with a single set of wheels in the back. The combination of reach capability and stabilizing legs means that the reach trucks are capable to lift loads higher than most material handling machines, and also to operate efficiently in tight spaces. Because the stabilizing legs are hydraulically controlled, reach forklift trucks are easier to operate.

The drive wheels are located beneath the operating area, which helps create a tighter turn radius. This makes it easy for the reach truck to navigate through smaller spaces while still being able to reach higher racking.

Buy Quality Used Reach Forklifts

At ElectricForklifts.com, our selection of electric reach truck forklifts feature advanced technology and ergonomic design for optimum performance. Our electric reach trucks set new standards, thanks to their compact construction and impressive lifting range. Our reach forklifts are reconditioned and tested by our expert mechanics to ensure they run extremely smooth, agile, powerful and efficient. In any warehouse or material handling operation, these used narrow-aisle forklifts offer some of the following benefits:

ElectricForklift.com has a wide selection of high-quality used reach trucks that will set new standards for your narrow aisle applications. In any warehouse or material handling operation, these narrow-aisle forklifts offer some great benefits.

Improved Overall Material Handling Efficiency and Productivity ||

Designed primarily for warehouse applications, the impressive reaching range and compact construction of our used reach forklifts will help improve the efficiency and productivity of material handling. Narrow aisles and high shelving are no match for these forklifts.

Short Turning Radius Enables Safer and Dynamic Operation ||

Narrow aisles and workspaces and high shelving can make it difficult to safely and efficiently maneuver, especially when picking products. Luckily, reach forklifts’ drive wheels are located beneath the operating area, which helps create a short turning radius, offering impressive reach capabilities without compromising maneuverability.

Professionally Inspected and Reconditioned To Ensure Quality ||

All of the used forklifts we sell are professionally inspected and reconditioned to ensure the highest quality and performance for your narrow aisle applications. Our forklift experts go the extra mile to make sure that everything, from the paint and tires to the battery and brakes, is in good condition and that your forklift is ready to meet the demands of your application.

Improves Operator Confidence and Productivity ||

Due to the easy-to-learn, vehicle-like controls and hydraulically-controlled stabilizing legs, reach forklift trucks are easy to operate. These features help forklift operators feel more comfortable and confident when maneuvering narrow aisles and high reach applications.

Impressive Battery Life ||

Some forklifts have batteries that can negatively affect energy costs and downtime required for efficient charging. Reach forklifts, on the other hand, have a high-quality battery that enables longer operation times on a single charge. These batteries not only help reduce energy costs, but they can also reduce the downtime needed for charging.

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Within the extensive choice of electric reach forklifts models and options we have to offer, there are configurations tailored to a wide variety of demanding applications. Our team at ElectricForklifts.com will find the best one to perfectly suit your requirements and will support you with outstanding customer service to maximize the return on your investment. Contact us today to receive your freight quote!