3 Wheel Forklifts

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People often think all forklifts do the same thing. But each type provides a different service and is made specifically for different tasks.

The 3-wheel forklift has a small turning circle, a great option if you have limited space in your warehouse and need to navigate tight areas.

With its combination of counterbalance and underclearance that allows the machine to maneuver easily, the 3-wheel electric forklift is ideal for both inside and outside use and rack loading.

A three-wheel forklift can be a tough forklift to nail down, especially when used. Featuring a tight turning radius, these electric forklifts are excellent for unloading trucks and moving pallets around warehouses. We can connect you to a variety of used forklift types for the best value and option for your operations!

  • Competitively priced
  • Refurbished battery
  • Like-new tires
  • Great seat conditions

It’s important to select the right forklift brand. If you do not have the right brand of forklift, you can get problems with load capacities and turn radius. Electricforklifts.com has a selection of used 3 wheel forklifts with some great features such as a refurbished battery, like-new tires, and seat in mint condition. To learn more, contact us!

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Small Turning Radius

Narrow and tight aisles are no match for 3 wheel electric forklifts! These lift trucks have a small turning radius and are easy to navigate through tight areas. With a 3 wheel forklift, you can create more racking space to store more products if you need to maximize storage space.

Long Operating Hours

Our selection of reconditioned used electric forklifts can increase your productivity with the longer hours of operation between charges. With just a single charge, you can get work done throughout the day.

Ideal for Warehouse Applications

3 wheel forklifts excels in indoor environments where there are small or tight spaces. Most commonly, these forklifts are seen in building warehouses, garden centers, and other places. 

Simple Battery Maintenance

A single-point watering system connects the terminals, in turn making maintenance easier. Plus, with a reconditioned battery, you will experience longer-lasting battery performance, safer maintenance, as well as longer life.

Lower Running Costs Over The Total Lifetime of Ownership

The total cost of ownership of the lifetime of using and owning an electric forklift works out to be less as there are no ongoing fuel expenses. 

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A quality used 3 wheel forklift may be the solution you have been looking for to increase productivity and efficiency in your application. If you need help choosing an electric forklift for your specific applications, let our sales professionals help!
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