Order Picker Forklifts

In order to solve the most challenging high-reaching warehouse needs, electric order picking forklifts from ElectricForklifts.com offer easier, more accurate order picking. With a broad range of capabilities, our full line of order picker forklifts can adapt to a variety of warehouse, distribution center, and fulfillment center environments and are designed to help your operation run faster and smoother.

What Are Order Picker Forklifts?

Order picking forklifts are similar to reach forklifts, however, instead of picking pallets with a fork, they’re used for individual case picking by hand. An order picker truck is designed to take the forklift operator up to the rack with or without a load. They feature ease of access with a standing, elevated platform, giving the rider the option to grab or lift the load. Commonly, the truck’s forks hold a load that is being added to, not being put away. Order picker lifts are designed for applications that require an operator to be at the same level as the inventory to pick a specific order.

Order pickers can effectively navigate in very narrow-aisle environments and offer high-level picking capabilities. Their construction is typically compact, so the speed, load capacity, battery performance, and picking ergonomics can be adjusted to suit your application’s demands and ness. With lift heights well over 300″, operators can comfortably pick from even your tallest racks.

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At ElectricForklifts.com, our selection of electric order picking forklifts deliver exceptional versatility, intuitive handling, and easy maintenance. Our order pickers set new benchmarks thanks to their modular construction and outstanding lifting range. All of the used forklifts we sell are reconditioned by experts to ensure quality performance and longevity, so you can rest assured you are maximizing your investment. Whether in a warehouse, distribution, or fulfillment center setting, our selection of order picking forklifts offer the following benefits.

The used order picker forklifts at ElectricForklifts.com offer a solution for applications that require operators to be at the same level as the inventory in order to pick a specific product or order.

Ideal For Narrow-Aisle Applications With High-Storage Density ||

Order picker forklifts enable effective navigation in very anrrow-aisle environments and offer high-level order picking capabilities. These electric forklifts are ideal for warehouse, distribution, and fulfillment center environments and can help your operations run faster and smoother.

Standing, Elevated Platform Enables Easy Access To Loads ||

With impressive reaching capabilities, the elevating platform of these forklifts brings the operator to the level of the stock that needs to picked or put away. This allows the operator to easily grab stock from even the tallest shelving.

Enhances Order Picking Efficiency and Productivity ||

The exceptional versatility and manuverability, intuitive handeling, and extensive lifting range help enhance the efficiency and productivity of order picking operations.

Fully Variable Lift and Lower Controls ||

Ergonmic lift and lowering controls help forklift operators do more with less effort. The variable controls of these electric forklifts help operators feel more comfortable and confident when maneuvering applications with narrow aisles and high storage density.

Professionally Inspected and Reconditioned To Ensure Optimal Performance and Value ||

Our forklift experts inspect and recondition our used order picker trucks to ensure they meet the needs and demands of your narrow-aisle and high-volume applications.

ElectricForklift.com makes finding and purchasing used electric forklifts nationwide easier than ever before. To find the right order picker for your application, contact us today!

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Within the extensive choice of electric order picking forklift models and options we have to offer at ElectricForklifts.com, there are configurations suited to a wide variety of demanding applications. Our team at ElectricForklifts.com will help your find the best used electric forklift for your requirements and will support you with outstanding customer service to maximize the return on your investment. Contact us today to receive your freight quote!