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A turret truck forklift is specifically designed to do one specific task: operate in very narrow aisles. Many abbreviate the turret truck to VNA for “very narrow aisle” truck.

With any forklift, it’s important that it not only can withstand the demands of the job but that it comes with longevity. At ElectricForklifts.com, our used forklifts are ready to work and last! They all feature exceptional performance for daily operations.

The turret forklift is your fastest option in terms of load handling per hour. Turret trucks are battery operated that uses both the electric engine, the battery and the operator compartment to counterweight heavy loads.

If you have a high-density warehouse, our very narrow aisle forklifts can save you 50 percent more space than your standard reach truck.  It is significantly faster in pallet handling in narrow aisles, and reduces operator error and racking damage as workers have a clear view of loads being handled.

If you’re interested in implementing turret forklifts into your warehouse environment, fill out the form to the right and we will help you ensure maximum productivity and a return on your investment.

Turret man up forklifts are able to offer your warehouse or storage area a distinct advantage, particularly if space is an issue. Although these lifts have a narrower profile than your standard forklift, they are still able to handle the demands of the job thanks to their unique design. Our used forklifts have also been rigorously tested and approved, ensuring a quality product that will serve you and your business on a daily basis effectively for years to come.

When you’re having to deal with limited space for warehouse functions, you cannot beat the loading speed and operation of a turret man up forklift. The vertical design will optimize your load per hour time, and time is money!

The batter, electric engine, and operator compartment act as counterweights, enabling even this narrow unit to handle heavy loads. It is a clear example of working smarter, not harder. The sideways angle of the forklift itself also allows for the operator to have an unobstructed view of the loads being handled, drastically reducing the risk of accident or injury.

If you are considering a used turret man up forklift, please contact us today and fill out our quote form so we can get started on providing you with the best forklift available!

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